About Us

What's The Story?

Wildrose Vintage was started purely out of passion and nostalgia for the 90s.

Beginning as a quest to obtain band and concert tees from events that I could never have attended due to being too young, and ending in a business.

As I slowly accumulated band and concert tees, a collection began. While searching for items to add to my personal collection, I uncovered an entire culture and community of like minded vintage collectors. 

By immersing myself further into the vintage community, I began learning about what vintage truly is and a passion began.

I have since widened my scope from band and concert tees to items from nostalgic movies and cartoons, university and college sweatshirts, vintage workwear and so much more!

When you come to Wildrose Vintage you can expect all the above, plus so much more.

My end goal with the shop is to help you unlock a memory you may have forgotten about, so come take a trip down memory lane!

Owner of Wildrose Vintage